Monday, July 9, 2012

Whatcha Do Today?

As I  stated in my last post I am boycotting Facebook for the week and all I can say is "Wow!" . I mean, I have gotten so much accomplished today that maybe saying good bye to Facebook forever might be in my near way....I won't do that, but I did learn how much I am on it based on what I did today. This was my day with no Facebook:

5:15 -- Gym (and two loads of laundry)
9:45 -- Movie Club viewing of "Puss in Boots" at theater
11:30 -- Lunch at Burger King in which I wrote the list for the market and meal planned
12:30 -- Sprouts (whole foods market)
1:15 -- Walmart Super center
3:00 -- Got home and unloaded car, put away groceries, swapped out Mason Jars for my cups, spray painted three mason jars for center piece and cleaned out car.
4:00 -- Put my feet up and promptly fell asleep :-/
4:30 -- Started Dinner (Pintrest recipe)
5:00 -- Took daughter's earrings out and cleaned her lobes.
5:30 -- Made two breakfast options from recipes I found on Pintrest
6:00 -- Ate dinner (in which we all sat around the table)
6:30 -- Finished up breakfast options for meals
8:30 -- Jumped online to do this blog

I wonder what tomorrow has in store? Oh! Right! We are going to the water park since we have season pass tickets. Thankfully I remembered our Tuesday Water park days and I picked up a meal to throw together for the Crock is from Pintrest too! I got to admit that so far everything I have cooked off of Pinterest is really good. I would love to share the recipe, but a lot of them are copyrighted. Just look me up on Pintrest and check out my boards under "Yummy"...cause so far they are  all yummy.

Rambling...I am rambling AGAIN! Ah, well...I gotta needs to be cleaned. It has been abused today.

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