Sunday, January 15, 2012

Resolution for 2012

I was inspired by my friend's, Tricia, blog and her challenging her readers to pick a word for 2012. When I first read her word I only could come up with a phrase. I am  not a "Resolution" type gal, so I don't really do them. However, this year I really want to get a few things done and off my plate. It seems as if last year I started a few different endeavors and did not complete them. It was like I got them almost done, but not entirely. This is not like me at all. I tend to take on a task and just get it done. So my phrase was "Get 'er Done". Then, I was challenged yet again to modify it and come up with a word by "A Year in the Life on an Art Journal". That is when I came up with this: word is "FINISH". I had to really think about why I had not completed the things I had set out to do last year. I mean, it is not like I did not have the time...the kids have been in school from 8 -3 since mid August. That gave me 4 months to knock a few of these off of my list.....but I didn't. Hmmmm.....I am not a procrastinator, but I am a perfectionist. That is when it dawned on me. I did not finish these things because I was afraid of failing...or even worse REJECTION. Yep, I was/am being a coward and I got to get over it. One of these things I started is something that has been with my for 25 years. 25 years! That is 1/4 of a century. Isn't it time to get it off my plate and move on from there? See, I have been writing a book and it is time to wrap it up. Just take a leap of faith and get it on Amazon. It is time....I need to complete it. I will fail if I don't get it done, so I should just get it done, right? Gets me closer to success then if I do not. That is really the biggie on the list.

Once I came up with my word I then wrote down the things I need to finish. From there I completed the challenge from "A Year in the Life of an Art Journal" and this is the finished project (no pun intended...okay maybe a little bit of a pun)
So, what is your word this year?