Monday, September 26, 2011

Geeks, Freaks and The All American Past TIme

I titled that with a lot of love because we are part of that group. Well, at least the "Geeks". So, you are wondering what I am rambling on about? This past Sunday it was Star Wars Days at the Diamondbacks game. It was bitter sweet for me. See, I grew up as a Giants fan and that is who the Diamondbacks were playing. However, when Arizona finally got the D-Backs I was overjoyed an became a fan right away...well...I really don't follow baseball. I am more of a football gal, but if I had to pick a team it would be the AZ D-Backs. Then, throw in a tribute to Star Wars which my kids are totally into it was bound to be a great day. Oh, and just so you know, the D-backs have won our division and are in playoffs. Finally, we don't suck :-)

The boys were in heaven! I could not figure out if these folks were hired or if they came in costume because they were so nice and wanted to pose for the pictures.

 Annie was a bit shy and did not want to take pictures with any of the characters, but she gladly posed with the Statue of Liberty.
 See Parker's shoes? Notice how the laces are a different color? I did that to help him get them on the right feet! It worked!
 What is this? Did you not know that the D-Backs won the World Series in New York against the Yankees in 2001? You didn't? Well, we were really good and at the time our uniforms were purple and white ;-)

 They put on a mean Star Wars parade. I got to admit it, but it was Lame-O! I was kind of shocked because usually Star Wars nerds show up droves at events like this. How do I know? Because we are those Star Wars I did not dress up, but just about the rest of my family did.
 Then the game started and they opened it with a Star Wars opener.

 Let's play some ball!

 If you have not noticed from how tiny the players are in these pictures, we are in the nose bleed section. The seats were to small for my bum. Seriously, I needed some oil to grease my arse out of them. I went numb from the hips down.....circulation cut off from the chairs.

 Every time one of the D-Back players came up to bat they showed his picture on the digital screen as a Star Wars freak.....I mean character. They showed the player as a Star Wars character and Parker LOVED it!

 This was our vendor and he was cool! He sang to us and threw our snacks our way. Of course we had a hot dog, Cracker Jacks, and peanuts. I was so proud of my Logan. I taught him the art of eating a peanut. First you put the whole thing in your mouth and suck all the salt off. Then you crack it open. Make sure your fingers are covered in spit. Then throw the husks on the floor as you chew up your peanut.
 This is the mess from our peanut sucking, spitting and eatting.
 This is the crowd after the game. Oh, we totally won! The Giants kind of sucked arse. I also am not a fan of their pitcher. He is a long haired butt head. He purposely threw the ball and hit our best batter. Our best batter has had balls thrown at him and been hit more than any other player....all in this season too. I so wanted to watch him go ghetto on their  jerk of a pitcher. The funny thing is we still won and they still sucked even  with their dirty play :-D