Friday, February 24, 2012

The Best Cookies EVER (Gingerbread Molasses)

Today I made the yummiest cookies ever. Well, they were the yummiest cookies I have made since Christmas, but still good! This is MY cookie:
 Yes it is on my leg. I was being a slob and lazy...did not want to have to dirty a plate and had no patience for a paper towel. You are lucky that I even took a picture of it because it really wanted to be in my tummy. Is that picture not good enough? Here is another one of a plate full of these yummy cookies:
 They were super easy to make too! I bet you want to know how I came up with this sweet treat, right? You did not actually think I would keep it a secret did ya? Of course not! I am gonna tell you just how to make these little babies. Here they are before they went into the oven:
 I just love raw cookie dough, don't you? You wanna know a secret? I ate the equivalent of a cookie in it's dough form. Yeah...I did....totally guilty as charged. I gotta confess that it tasted way better after it was cooked though. That like never happens, but with this cookies, so yummy after it has had time in the oven.
The secret to this cookie (or one of the secrets to this cookie) is the sugar that you roll the dough in.

 Then you just place them on a cookie sheet (or in my case a stone), bake in a 350 preheated oven for 16 minutes and there you have it -- the yummiest cookies in the west.

But....wait....the have not given us the recipe. You just told us about rolling them in sugar and baking them, what are the ingredients.

Well, that is the thing...I have no clue what the ingredients or the portions are...I really don't!

That is mean!

How can that be so?!?!?! You made them right? Well yeah I made them, but not really....


I cheated....

I was lazy and found this at Trader Joe's:
Yep, I am a schmuck -- a total fraud, but WOW were they good!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Seven Monsters

I have been missing in action on my blogging the last month. Part of the reason is because we have had another litter of Golden Retrievers. They are now 7 weeks old and are getting ready to head to their new homes. Whenever we have a breeding it is always a fun time in our home. It truely is a family affair and we all pitch in to make it successful. However, by the end of week 8 we are pooped out and ready for our fur babies to go to their loving homes. Here are a few pictures of this litter:

It always amazes me at how much these puppies grow in just 8 short weeks. They come into the world unable to see, hear or walk. They simply rely on Mama to feed them and they use their nose to find her. Then, just a few weeks later, they are ready to tackle the world -- a gentle reminder to cherish everyday and live in the moment because nothing last forever even though it may feel like it.